750ml Custom Liquor Glass Bottle

Short Description:

  • Product Dimension: H:191mm/TD:39mm/BD:149mm/W:1200g/C:750ml
  • Material: Crystal or Flint White/Black/Dark Blue/Dark Green/Light Blue/Cobalt Blue Glass Material
  • Volume: 50 to 3000ml or as your requirements
  • Weight: 50g 550g 580g 620g 650g 750g 850g 1000g 1500g and so on
  • Sealing type: Screw cap or cork
  • Painting: Blue, Black,Red,White,Yellow,or as your requirements
  • Packing: 5-layer export carton with partition board (customizable) with pallet
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    Have you ever thought about changing the transportation cost through the design of the product?

    The bottle is designed with a rhombus appearance. Before cutting the corners, keep the round angles small. The front and back sides retain a large area of LOGO plane, which is in line with future guests using silk screen or decals to design the wine label. , Responsible. The bottle shape adopts a diamond-shaped flat design, and it is easier to design the LOGO on the appearance of the packaging, and the packing and transportation saves space, which is beneficial to reduce the transportation cost.

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