750ml Custom Whiskey Glass Bottle

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  • Model: WG7065 Whiskey Bottles
  • Product Dimension: H:113mm/TD:37.5mm/BD:98mm/W:780g/C:750ml
  • Material: Crystal or Flint White/Black/Dark Blue/Dark Green/Light Blue/Cobalt Blue Glass Material
  • Volume: 50 to 3000ml or as your requirements
  • Weight: 50g 550g 580g 620g 650g 750g 850g 1000g 1500g and so on
  • Sealing type: Screw cap or cork
  • Painting: Blue, Black,Red,White,Yellow,or as your requirements
  • Packing: 5-layer export carton with partition board (customizable) with pallet
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    This 750ml wine bottle is a very popular one in our square series. This bottle has a tall and flat body. The pores between the bottle and the bottle are small during transportation, and the transportation cost is reduced. This bottle has a simple neck. Compatible with 19mm cork caps. It is the perfect bottle for bars and restaurants to store their spirits and liqueurs. Suitable for homemade or distilled gin, vodka, rum, etc.

    This bottle can be made in different colors according to your requirements, such as black, bright blue, cobalt blue, etc. If it is used for commercial retail use, there is enough space for you to add your brand on the smooth and flat side of the bottle, silk-screen various wine labels, through the combination of wine bottles and wine labels, Placed in different places such as homes, bars, restaurants, etc., are presented as a perfect central decoration.

    This 750ml glass bottle has a thick glass base and a thick body, which makes it difficult to be knocked over. The high-quality workmanship and high-quality craftsmanship. As an individual user, after drinking your product, the later It can also be reused for other purposes to add extra belief and value to your brand.

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