750ml Tunnel Glass bottle

Short Description:

  • Model: DG6065
  • Product Dimension: H:255mm/TD:37mm/BD:73mm/C:750ml
  • Material: Crystal or Flint White/Black/Dark Blue/Dark Green/Light Blue/Cobalt Blue Glass Material
  • Sealing type: Screw cap or cork
  • MOQ: 6000 units
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    The arc-shaped design and smooth lines can be silk-screened with the brand LOGO in the middle. Overall, it looks high-end and aura.

    Generally speaking, there are two processes for forming glass bottles:

    1) Blow-blow method to make small mouth bottles

    The so-called blow-blow method is the first blow molding in the primary mold, the mouth is molded and blown into the embryonic shape, and then transferred to the molding mold for the second blow molding. According to different feeding methods, it can be divided into two blow-blow molding methods: vacuum suction and drip feeding.

    2) The so-called press-blow method is that the drop material is pressed in the preliminary mold to form the mouth, and then transferred to the forming mold for blow molding.

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