About Us

Guangzhou ChengFeng Brothers Industrial Company Limited

Company Culture

wind sailing voyage, unity and progress, righteousness and benefit together, responsibility-taking!

Company Vision

to become the industry pilot of middle-high end glassware customization, to make a difference in personalized customization, and to make our brands more valuable!

Company Mission

our glassware contributes to purer and cleaner living!

Management Philosphy

quality, effiency, value, humanity

Introduction Company Story

Guangzhou ChengFeng Brothers Industrial Company Limited is an innovative enterprise specializing in the manufacturing, designing and research of middle-high end glassware. Our product types include wine category promotional gift glasses, wine category glass bottles, glass water bottles, glass food jars, and other similiar glass products.

Our company is located in Guangzhou China, with convenient traffic and speedy logistics, you can choose among rail, air, sea container and land transport. Our location is close to Huangpu and Nansha ports, goods can be transported to places all over the world by containers. We strive to create world class innovative brands in middle-high end glassware industry with professional team, powerful management and industry pioneering equipment.


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ChengFeng Brand

This brand name is a combination of the two company founders' names CHENG and FENG who by birth are brothers. The logo combines their name initials and are patterned into a butterfly shape. The implied meaning of this logo is 'flying with two powerful wings, unite and head upward to achieve the dream'. Butterflies are metaphored from larva into colorful variations of shapes, from butterflies breeding larva, from larva metaphoring into butterflies, the life cycle continues. This symbolizes that our enterprise is growing from small to large, each step we innovate, reform and metaphor from generation to generation, and we develop sustainably.

Glaskey Brand

This LOGO design originates from the joint name of glass cup and whiskey, it is applied in whiskey cup series origination brand. The letter 'G' is designed resembling the overlook drawing view of the first letter and hexagon whiskey cup. Later because of growing market demand, it is now applied but not limited to private labels of coffee cups, red wine glasses, milk glasses and other daily supplies of glass cups. These are mainly marketed and sold through online E-commerce platforms.

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