DG6086 Shell-shaped spirits bottle

Short Description:

  • Model: DG6086
  • Product Dimension: H:291mm/TD:43mm/BD:109mm/W:1400g
  • Material: Crystal or Flint White Glass
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Sealing type: Screw cap or bar cork
  • Packing: 5-layer export carton with partition board (customizable) with pallet
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    Shell-shaped spirits bottle

    The design is inspired by shells. If your product or brand has a similar shape, consider the design of this product.

    The so-called special-shaped glass bottles refer to various glass bottles with non-circular cross-sections, such as triangular, square, octagonal, and oval bottles. Through the unique bottle shape design, the glass bottle not only meets the requirements of product packaging, but also makes the container have a certain artistic, decorative and display value, so as to meet the spiritual and psychological needs of consumers. In addition, the special-shaped bottle also has a relatively good anti-counterfeiting function in technology. Most special-shaped bottles have complex structures, high processing technology requirements, difficult mold production, and a certain degree of difficulty in anti-counterfeiting, which makes the special-shaped bottles have technical anti-counterfeiting functions.

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