• How to distinguish leaded glass and lead-free glass?

    How to distinguish leaded glass and lead-free glass?

    Long-term use of lead-containing glasses will increase the accumulation of lead in the blood. After reaching a certain level, it will cause a person’s memory and intelligence to decline, mental disorders, nightmares, insomnia and other problems. Lead poisoning is more harmful to children an...
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  • What kinds of champagne glasses are there?

    What kinds of champagne glasses are there?

    Since ancient times, there seems to be a natural pairing relationship between wine and goblet, but careful friends must find that the cup used for sparkling wine is so different. What are the common champagne cups and what are their different uses? 1.Saucer champagne glass In fact, until the 1970...
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  • The 10 common cocktail glass

    Cocktail is a colorful world. It is full of creativity and is a favorite of many people. There are countless types of cocktails in the world, and the cups used to hold cocktails also have their own characteristics. Walking into a bar, you can definitely see all kinds of wine glasses on the counte...
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  • The map glass bottle production process

    The map glass bottle production process

    1.Design-design drawings 2.Making molds-using alloy steel with chrome-plated molds, according to the confirmed drawing  to make the molds 3.Prepare materials The bottle are made of high borosilicate glass, Selected the suitable size of high borosilicate glass tube and color to be prepare. 4.fabri...
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    “Good wine with good glass” do you want to know the difference between the various styles of wine glasses in the store? Someone may say “I don’t care, I just want the cup can drink water” Absolutely okay! But still want to tell everyone that it is still very important to choose ...
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  • The gold painting process of the glass

    The gold painting process of the glass

    You can see that many glasses have golden rimmed or patterns on them, and many people are also wondering how the slender gold rim is made on the glass. So, next, I will give you a brief description of how the gold painted on the glass. In fact, there are two types of gold painting: manual and mec...
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  • About K9 ultra-white crystal glass bottle

    About K9 ultra-white crystal glass bottle

      Since the birth of glass products, the world has been pursuing the crystal-clear and shining luster magic, constantly pursuing breakthroughs in science and technology and the limits of raw material processing, and striving to present the ultimate quality experience to many unrealistic pic...
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  • The Process of decalling

    The Process of decalling

    The Process of decalling 1.Unboxing 1) Pick out defective products and return to the production department,Qualified products are placed on the pallet and sent to the decal department. 2) If there is a sticker on the glass, remove it and clean the glue of the sticker. 3) Unqualified products are ...
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  • What are the manufacturing methods of glassware?

      1. The glass formed by blowing, and blowing glassware can be divided into two methods: mechanical blowing and manual blowing. The so-called blow molding is to use compressed air or manual mouth blowing to make the glass liquid form a certain product shape in the mold. Manual blowing can b...
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  • Mouth blowing glass production process

    Machine-made glasses are simple to produce, time-saving and efficient, so they are becoming more and more common.But for some special-shaped and difficult-to-release shapes,  some colored glaze cups, Mouth blowing is irreplaceable.Let's to learn more about the production...
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  • What kinds of materials are there for the glass

    1. Soda lime glass Everyday glasses, bowls, etc. are all made of this material, which is characterized by small sudden temperature differences. For example, if boiling water is poured into a glass just taken out of the refrigerator compartment, it is likely to burst. In addition, it is not recomm...
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  • Classic whiskey glass, how much do you know?

    1.Final touch on the rock From a Canadian brand, the volcanic rock at the bottom of the volcanic whiskey glass is shaped. The ice ball is frozen with the included mold. When drinking the whiskey, add the ice ball, shake the glass gently, the ice ball rolls evenly, cool t...
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