500ml Custom Liquor Glass Bottle

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  • Product Dimension: H:177mm/TD:47mm/BD:126mm/W:650g/C:500ml
  • Material: Crystal or Flint White/Black/Dark Blue/Dark Green/Light Blue/Cobalt Blue Glass Material
  • Volume: 50 to 3000ml or as your requirements
  • Weight: 50g 550g 580g 620g 650g 750g 850g 1000g 1500g and so on
  • Sealing type: Screw cap or cork
  • Painting: Blue, Black,Red,White,Yellow,or as your requirements
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    This bottle is inspired by perfume bottles, perfume always brings exquisite charm, so the design of the bottle is very delicate. Our spirits also need a beautiful bottle to set off, so we designed this flat body and a wide mouth based on the perfume bottle. This design allows customers to smell it as soon as they open the lid. The aroma of wine.

    The shoulder angle of the bottle is relatively wide, but we also have to make the corners round and without barbs. Therefore, the bottle mold must be made of good alloy materials and polished so that the mold can be installed on the machine. , And then after manual adjustment, the bottle can be shaped. For the quality of the bottle, the process cannot use fully automatic machines, so the production cycle of this bottle will be longer, but the beautiful things are worth the wait. We have developed a mold for this bottle of 750ml. If you need a small amount of bottles to be put into the market for testing, this bottle can be ordered in a small amount to meet your market needs.

    Choosing this bottle is definitely to create value for your brand. Sophisticated bottles are a beautiful artwork in bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and homes.

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