Comparing to trading companies and wholesalers, our biggest advantage being a glass supplier is providing our clients exclusive solutions individually, instead of just suppling daily-use glasses. We value every our client and pay careful attention to what you need to promote your business or to market your brand, helping you achieve you goal.
Our customization process:
(1)OEM/ODM Service:

We provide either OEM/ODM services depending on the availability of the technical designs. If you provide us your design created by your design team, we are able to manufacture the product according the technical drawings, else we will create one for you when you give us your idea.

(2)Moulding Service:

Upon the receiving approval of the final design, we will then proceed to make the right mould for the sampling phase. There may be modifications in between to finalize the product detail in order to cater to your needs.

(3)Value-Added Service:

Value-added services refer to any post-modifications for the glasses, such as adding a logo made from a specific technique like decal logo, or colorize the glass using electroplate procedures or spray paint. Besides glass customization, box packaging customization is also available. You can customize the box you want for your final product to impress your customers.

(4)Export Service:

We also provide the one-stop export services that eases worries of transportation and improve your purchasing experience. The steady business relationships built with local logistics companies enable us to have a competitive shipping rate in the market.