Having a good design is the root of the project. At Chengfeng Brother Industrial Co., Ltd. We have a R&D team ready to conceptualize your idea a process of rendering, prototyping, creating technical drawings for the production in the next steps.

How does our design services benefit your project?

A team of 4 designers having more than 10 years experience in designing glass cups and glass bottles will empower you to have the original design that look outstanding in the market among your competitors. We have so far work with famous brands such as Heineken, Budweiser, Jack Daniel’s, Jonnie Walker, etc.

(2) Cost-effective Service:

We supply free designs for large orders. For small quantity orders and complex design, the design fee is considered competitive in the industry in China. This allows our clients to have a better control in their budget spending.

(3)Service Package:

The advantages of a single company take charge of creative packaging design, sample making, mass production, QC and logistics are not only sharing information effectively but also avoiding potential problems occurred in the designing process. The Service Package helps customers to save time and cost and create value.