750ml Custom Vodka Glass Bottle

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  • Model: VG1021 Vodka Bottles
  • Product Dimension: H:342mm/TD:30mm/BD:63mm/W:860g/C:750ml
  • Material: Crystal or Flint White/Black/Dark Blue/Dark Green/Light Blue/Cobalt Blue Glass Material
  • Volume: 50 to 3000ml or as your requirements
  • Weight: 50g 550g 580g 620g 650g 750g 850g 1000g 1500g and so on
  • Sealing type: Screw cap or cork
  • Painting: Blue, Black,Red,White,Yellow,or as your requirements
  • Packing: 5-layer export carton with partition board (customizable) with pallet
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    The square shape of the bottle gives this bottle a unique flavor, which is suitable for the packaging of high-end wines such as new vodka.

    About the surface coating of glass: Reinforcing the surface of the glass bottle is to increase the surface "lubricity", reduce friction, improve the "scratch resistance" of the glass, prevent microcracks caused by scratches and wear, and have a significant effect on protecting the surface of the bottle. For application.

    (1) Thermal coating

    Hot-end spraying is usually carried out at the inlet end of the annealing kiln. When the formed glass bottle is slowly cooled to 500~600℃, spray the metal coating agent (such as tin tetrachloride, titanium tetrachloride, dimethyl tin dichloride, and organic compounds of titanium) on the container On the surface, a protective film of a certain thickness is formed. After thermal spraying treatment on the surface of the glass bottle and can, the metal oxide in the thermal coating is evenly coated on the bottle wall, filling the surface microcracks formed in the bottle body during the manufacturing process of the bottle and can, thereby preventing the further expansion of surface cracks , To achieve the purpose of enhancement. At the same time, it plays an important role in the cold end spraying treatment after annealing of glass products, the improvement of the quality of glass products and the development of lightweight.

    VG1021 (1)

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