The colors glass bottle

Are you considering what color glass bottles can better display and store your products?

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The main colors that glass bottles are produced in are green, brown, blue and clear.

The different colors for glass bottles are achieved through various chemical additives, dyes and reactions.

Blue bottles are a result of cobalt or copper being added to the liquid molten mixture.

Green bottles are a result of oxidized iron chromate being added to the liquid molten mixture.

Brown, or amber, bottles offer the finest protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. This is why brown glass bottles are the best choice for beer brewers.

Clear glass is natural and colorless and helps show off the product stored inside. However, it offers no protection from light or UV radiation.

So what’s the difference between clear and colored bottles? Besides the color the difference, it depends on what exactly you will be using the bottles for.

Post time: Dec-16-2020